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The Stone of Persecution

This medal is awarded to all who actively participate in the persecution of a heretic. The medal is made from an actual stone used in the persecution of heretics by past followers of the teachings of Caormastus.

To earn this medal one must take part in a fight against a heretic and be more than just a bystander. This could include forcing a heretic from a place meaningful to the Order such as the Abbey, continually hunting a heretic that is on the run, capturing a heretic wanted by the Inquisition, toturing a heretic into giving a confession, or other such acts of Persecution of heresy.

((To be clear, these are not random events, in which one tries to initiate Combat RP with heretics. These are storyline events (which may include combat) that always involve the participation of the other player to create a scene or ongoing story, and constant OOC communication with them, per the RP Rules. Also it should be witnessed by other members of the guild.))