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The Star of True Creed

This medal is the second highest honour the order can bestow. It is given out for longstanding service to the Light. Those who wear this medal are true servants of the Light and are known for going above and beyond the call of duty to carry out the Light’s will. The wearers of this medal are both flawless in their virtue and strength in battle. They have shown they are steadfast followers of the Light’s Will.

To earn this medal one must be in the order typically over a year, have carried out several notable acts of strong leadership, have participated actively in teaching the virtues to new members of the Order, ((have increased the amount of role play in the guild in some way)), have gained at least some notable strength in battle such as one’s final season, mostly rare or epic armor and weapons, and have done at least one highly significant act to better the order such as defeating an enemy, increasing the numbers of the order by over 20%, or another singular act that improves the order as the final act to earn this medal.