Roleplaying Guide and Rules

Caelestis Templares Theory
The CT is not your standard Silver Hand Blizzard paladin guild. We think the 3 paladin virtues are flawed. We think that Uther was a great man but misguided with his virtues. We RP that we are so good it is almost evil. We follow our 5 virtues: Intolerance, Vigilance, Faith, Zeal and Sufferance that our made up prophet, Saint Vladius Caormastus, wrote down 300 years ago. We believe that the shadow is more powerful than any mortal and the only way to truly cleanse the taint of evil from a soul we must sent it to the Light. That means killing.

The CT is a breakaway religion and is so wrapped up in its own beliefs that it lacks reason and logic. Everything is for the Light. Every rule is followed so strictly that it is at times detrimental to the Templares. But that is true Faith, blind devotion that is so blind that a Templare truly believes he can see everything because the Light’s wisdom is great.

Unlike most other roleplaying guilds, one joins the CT to RP the CT, not to be an RPer in an RP guild. As a CTer you must follow the CT doctrine or risk getting kicked from the guild. Zealots and Fanatics do not have a will entirely of their own will, for they are servants of the Light.


Rule 1
No godmoding. Godmoding is a large subject. The best definition I have heard is that godmoding is where one player uses RP to force his will upon others. Remember, in RP you must act as a single person in control of only your own actions. For example, let’s say I wanted to stab a player named Bill in the back. If I typed “/e stabs Bill in the back.” I just godmoded. Why? It is godmoding because I caused something to happen to another player whether he wanted it or not. What I should have typed was “/e tries to stab Bill in the back”. This way I only say what I do and what happens to my character. This way Bill can decided whether he wants to get stabbed or not. He could answer “/e feels the dagger go deep into his back and falls to his knees.” if he wants to get stabbed, or he could emote “/e jumps out of the way and draws his sword.” Another area of godmoding is where one player says that someone in history or an NPC says or did something. You are not in control of people Like Uther, the king of Stormwind, or the Monks of the Abbey. Since you are not in control of them saying things like you are the son of Uther, or king of Stormwind made you a knight is right out of the question. Remember you can only say what your character did or does.

Rule 2
If someone asks you to leave them alone OOCly, you must.

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