Risky List

The purpose of the Risky List is to list people and guilds that the Caelestis Templares had decided are risky to RP with. A person or guild can be deemed risky for many reasons including godmoding, flaking out on RP, being bad at RP, having a silly tabard, being annoying, or many many many other reasons. All that it means to be on the risky list is that at least a couple members of the Caelestis Templares or Inquisitores refuse to RP with these people or guilds for some reason and as such, if you choose to RP with people or guilds on the risky list then you should not expect anyone else in either the Templares or Inquisitores to come and help you if you get into trouble. You are absolutely welcome to RP with people or guilds on this list, just don't come crying to an officer when it goes badly because we will just say I told you so.

Risky people to RP with.


Risky guilds to RP with
-Flooding Darkness
-Silver Wing Fangs
-Templares Encarmine
-Order of the Golden Cog



The Black List

The Black List is a list of individuals and guilds that are not welcome to RP or interact with any CT or CI character. Anyone who wishes to RP or interact with these individuals and guilds is welcome to leave the CT or CI at any time to do so, knowing they will not be allowed back.
Anyone who interacts with these individuals or guilds, knowing these people or guilds are on the Black List, will be removed from the guild for OOC reasons (See Rules and Laws sections for OOC and IC removals explained). Anyone who claims not to know will be given only one warning ever.
We consider all who are on the Black List to not exist and we ignore them and all their characters utterly with no exceptions. Speak with the Grandmaster concerning any issues with this list or character names that have been missed for individuals who have been Black Listed.

- Karnwield/Kàrnwield (OOC Drama on over 3 occasions)
- Lizlyn
- Nyctrion/Khandris/Kyerd/Thrasiues/Blazze (OOC Drama)
- Asrif/Asrf
- Sinqnew (OOC Drama on over 3 occasions)
- Krommholtz (Chaos, OOC drama, causing schism in the guild) - Bramot [Ferugador] - Chaos (OOC Drama)

- First Scarlet Regiment
- Stormwind Guard (Silver Hand server, not Moon Guard)
- The Circle of Shadows