Relics of Caormastus Story Line

The quest began with the uncovering of some hand written notes of a monk who had studied the sacred and ancient texts of the Light. From combining accounts of happening from the dwarven scribes of Ironforge, the sacred accounts of Caormastian monks and followers he had developed a clear understanding of an event that took place decades ago. During the wars that saw the horde battling the alliance for supremacy much pillaging took place. During one such attack up the horde upon the library of the Northshire abbey an important and sacred book, chronicling the journeys of Caormastus was lost. Some claimed it was destroyed, but yet others vowed that it was shielded from harm by the Light’s holy powers.

After years of study this monk found accounts of this ransacking in legers of the elves, who had their rogue and rangers hidden in the trees above, watching the massacre. They chronicled the attack, but from an elven perspective, not focusing on the materiel goods, but rather the influence on balance and the greater meaning. By combining the accounts of the various sources and some assistance from some of the Inquisition’s scouts, this monk believed that he knew the location of this stolen tome. Based on his study, he was able to determine the loot had been taken to Tarren Mill. This Monk presented his findings to the Grandmaster and so the Crusade was set to find this sacred tome.

The Templares set out on Crusade to recover this ancient tome and learn of the orders beginnings. The battle for Tarren Mill was long and bloody, but the Light was on the side of the


Templares, granting them victory for their just and pure crusade. The tome was found along with several other war trophies, badly burnt, and hung on the wall of a small building to show the Horde’s victory that day. The ancient and sacred text was carefully removed from its mountings and brought before the victorious Templares. Carefully the tome was opened, revealing page after blackened page. All seemed lost as the ash from these burnt pages fell away and was carried aloft by the gentle breeze, until the crumbling ash revealed a somewhat intact page.

This page was examined by the finest scholars of the Light and Initiate alike, but it offered little. It told of the Caorumvis, the five disciples of Caormastis, on a journey with the prophet himself to spread the will of the Light in northern Azeroth. It told of making camp for the night in a great hall of stone while venturing north. After much consideration the Grandmaster decided they would scour stone edifice from Stormwind to Northrend if they had to, in order to find any signs of the prophet and his disciples.

A group of paladins formed in search of this sacred site an spent days searching until they all became compelled to search a dwarven tunnel, the northernmost leaving Dun Morogh. There they found a sign of the Prophet. Perhaps they were drawn their by the power of the Light, or perhaps luck, but there before the party of paladins, a cross was chiselled into the wall. They each in turn prayed before this cross, asking for the blessings of the Light. One by one, each paladin went about that prayer, until one of the last, an Initiate of the order touched the cross. Stone the cross was carved into shifted slightly and a small parchment could be seen wedged in a gap in the mortar.

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