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The Penitent Brooch

This medal is a symbol of the endless struggle of the Lightsworn. Its spiked chains dangle and sway causing their sharp points to occasionally prick the wearer if they are not wearing a breastplate under their tabard. Crafted from Dark Iron, its sharp barbs never dull. Often wearers of this medal have cut out an opening in their armor behind this medal so that they may feel the sting of the sharp points from time to time. This medal reminds the wearer that their life is one of service and pain, sacrifice and duty.

To earn this medal one must take on an act of Sufferance penance. In the past this has commonly been a barefoot pilgrimage from the port of Booty Bay to the Tomb of Uther the Lightbringer, walking the entire way, stopping and praying in the cities of Stormwind and Ironforge, and using no manmade, dwarvenmade, or gryphon help to reach the destination. Other ways of earning this medal include kneeling and standing hundreds of times in the cathedral, going without the use of armor or weapons for a period of a week or more, or taking on some other burden for a period of time to get closer to the Light and better understand the suffering and service of the Prophet Saint Vladius Caormastus.