Structure of the Caelestis Inquisitore

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The Light
High Deputy Lord Inquisitor
Lord Commander
Master Inquisitor




Outside the Caelestis Inquisitores

The Caelestis Inquisitores is divided in two branches, the Inquisition and the Army of the Lightsworn.


The Exarch of the Inquisitores answers to the Grand Priory of the Caelestis Templares and works most closely with the Grandmaster to manage the logistics and running of the Order. The Exarch is the Grand Priory's connection to the Inquisitores and ensures the Inquisition true to the Light.

Master Inquisitor
The Master Inquisitor of the Inquisitiores answers to the Grand Priory and works most closely with the High Deputy Lord Inquisitor to conduct and manage the Inquisition and the Inquisitores' army of Lightsworn. The Master Inquisitor is charged with the task of managing the Caelestis Inquisitores in all day to day matters. Above all else, the Master Inquisitor is in charge of ensuring the Order does its duty in gathering information on, capturing, torturing, questioning, and executing people for the Inquisition in service of the Almighty Light.

Inquisitors answer to all those of higher rank in the hierarchy and may give orders to all those below in rank level, as seen on the above heirarchy. Inquisitores concern themselves mostly with those directly below themselves in the heirarchy as they are mostly concerned with matters of Inquisition, such as information gathering, assassinations, and other various shady matters. As officers, Inquisitors are allowed to perform Inquisitions. An Inquisition is the whole process of gathering information, through whatever means is required, and acting upon that information to further the Light's will. Inquisitors are tasked with getting to the bottom or matters and conducting all that is required to do so.

Lieutenants are of the same level in the heirarchy as Inquisitors and answer to all those of higher rank and may give orders to all those below in rank level, as seen on the above heirarchy. Lieutenants occupy themselves mostly with battle and war. They are proven and mighty leaders in combat and serve to inspire and lead the Army of the Lightsworn against the heretic. Often Zealots and Fanatics are hard to manage as they can be so taken with their fervour to serve the Light that they can become unruly. This is where Lieutenants shine, they are harsh task masters and are skilled at channeling the chaotic fanaticism of Zealots and Fanatics into a productive and powerful force of battle.

Enlisted Members

Assassins are agents who have proven themselves worthy through action and value in the field. They have proven that they can be counted on for more than simple tasks and as such are given more high profile tasks to serve the Inquisitions of the Inquisitors. These tasks range from information gathering, spying, assassinations, to seeding information and counter intelligence.

Agents are servants of the Inquisition who have proven that they can be trusted with some basic information of a sensitive nature. Agents can be given simple tasks such as spying and questioning informants. Agents are welcomed into the world of the Inquisition and expected to serve the will of the Inquisitors no matter what they are asked to do.

Zealots are of the same level in hierarchy as Assassins. Zealots are those who have chosen to serve the Light but due to their past, race, or training are not able to walk the path of the paladin and join the Caelestis Templares. They are the reformed, the faithful and the mighty who know that the right path is the path of Faith and salvation. They are great masters of their training and feared for their excellence in battle. They are a vital part of the Light's army. Zealots wear their Tabards at all times (unless on a mission from an Inquisitor) and stand just behind the Templares at meetings.

Fanatics are those who have seen the Light and decided to die for their Faith. There is nothing that will keep them from their newfound faith in the Light. They have given up any previous faith or alliance in order to serve the Light as they have now found it. They have proven that their devotion is at a fanatical level and would rather die a million deaths and feel the pain of a million tourtured souls than do anything to go against their new Faith in the Light. Almost insane with piety they wish to redeem their past failure of not being devoted to the Light's cause.

Novitiates are those who have entered the order and wish to serve the Light. They are evaluated for their worthiness by the Master Inquisitor. If they are deemed unworthy they are removed from the Order.

Outside the Caelestis Inquisitores

Infiltrators are people outside of the order who work for the Inquisitors and Master Inquisitor to move between our enemy's guilds gathering information and trying to disrupt their ability to wage war against the Light. Their value is immense and part of that value is in their secrecy. It is for that reason that only the Inquisitors and Master Inquisitor may know who they are.

Informants are people outside the order who work for the Inquisitors and Master Inquisitor to give the Inquisition important information on the activities of heretics. Some of these informants are those who simply dislike the activities of some of their guildmates or others they know. Others are on the payroll of the Master Inquisitor. Some just want to help clean up this dirty world. No matter what the reason is they provide vital information and perhaps will be judged kindly by the Light or even find salvation in their deeds for the Light.

Other Information

The Inquisition wear their tabards only when they wish to intimidate their enemies. Wearing the tabard gives away that you are a member of the Inquisition. Often members of the Inquisition such as Agents and Assassins only wear their tabard when they are about to kill their target so no one but the dead will ever know who they kill. Giving away that you serve the Inquisition can compromise your ability to infiltrate the enemy. While they are expected to attend, Agents and Assassins hardly ever attend meetings wearing theiri tabard unless their face is covered. Mostly they stand in the back or to the side and try to blend into the crowd to listen for information or heresy.

The Army of the Lightsworn always wear their tabards unless they are doing something that requires surprise or special tactics. The Army of the Lightsworn is proud of its service to the Light and as such wear their tabard at meetings.