Laws of the Caelestis Templares

Primary Laws:

Law 1
One must live and die to serve the Light.

Law 2
One must follow the teachings of the Order.

Law 3
One must never undermine the Order.

Law 4
One must follow an officer's orders.

Law 5
One must follow one's master's orders.

Secondary Laws:

Law 6
One must show only Intolerance for the Heretic, in all its forms (Battlegrounds, raids, and dungeons are considered OOC by this guild. Nothing done inside matters - though some members choose to do IC dungeons, etc.)

Law 7
One must carry out all duties of one's rank.


Law 8
One must always refer to those of higher rank by their rank, or their rank followed by their name, when hailing whether in person or in the Holy Link.

Law 9
One may only ever call those of equal or lower rank Brother or Sister, for doing so implies equality. To imply that one is equal to another of higher rank is a sign of great disrespect, while to imply the same to another of equal or lower rank is sign of solidarity and respect.

Law 10
One must never speak in otherworldly tongues (in-charcter), for this is heresy. (ie. "I killed that n00b," or "he got pwnd,"or "WTF :P," or "I have 2374 hit points and +7 sta on my boots," or "I have to log off and come back on. brb". It is alright to use trade-speak like "WTB ..." etc in trade channels and grouping-speak like "LFG..." etc. in LFG channels), and in party chat, or other OOC communications.

Law 11
One must have a name fitting of a defender of the Light; i.e., no names like: fungurl, hotpaladin, or markdarkmace; and not a name of a known heretic. All character names must be RP names. and not violate the Code of Conduct section on Naming, or the Naming Policy or the RP Naming Policy. (Character name, not just RP addon name.)
If made to change ones name by a GM for behavior or other reasons this will raise the question as to why, and action will be taken if one is found to have broken a law of the Order. Also if the new name is considered non-RP, action will be taken.

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