Grimoire Hereticus Currentia

The purpose of the Grimoire Hereticus Currentia is to provide a list of heretics of the day who are worthy of note. The most vile of these heretics may one day be recorded in the Grimoire Hereticus which is reserved for the worst heretics of all time.

Those listed here are all heretics and enemies of the Order. They are all worthy only of death. Anything other than utter Intolerance for these enemies of the Light will be seen as heresy and result in removal from the Order.

The Fallen
The fallen are former members of the Caelestis Templares or Caelesits Inquisitores. All former members are considered enemies of the Light and must be killed for their heresy.

Heretics of Note
Heretics of note are enemies of the Crusade who should be guarded against and watched out for. They are all worthy only of Death.
- Moreven
- Eltock
- Morghus Lucavi

Heretical Orders
Heretical orders are orders composed of heretics. Every member of these orders are heretics and worthy only of Death.
- Ordo Tenebrae