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The Cross of Virtue

This medal is awarded to those who take on an act, much like an act of penance for the penitent brooch, for each virtue in order. These acts must honour the virtue they represent. This medal's requirements were conceived of by Templar Dimaggio and the medal design was the concept of Champion Balis, Marshal of War.

Each Lightsworn is encouraged to choose their own unique way to honour each virtue. These acts should take some measure of effort to carry out and will be judged by officers for their worthiness. For example, an act of Intolerance could be leading a large attack upon a Horde town. An act of Vigilance could be standing watch for a few days at a holy location, such as where the Caorumvis spent a stormy night in the most northeastern tunnel leading out of Dun Morogh. An act of Faith could be reading from the Codex in the centre of Stormwind. An act of Zeal might be deciding to fight for several days with only bare knuckles to pound death into the enemy with your bare hands. Sufferance could be considering everything you do as a pilgrimage, refusing to ride a horse, run, or fly between locations for a few days or week. Strive to come up with a way to honour each virtue that is unique to you..