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The Crest of Caormastus

This medal is the highest honour the order can bestow. It is given to those who have proven themselves worthy of great honours on many occasions. It is the sum of a lifetime of service to the Light. Those who wear this medal have shown their singular devotion to the Crusade and are entrusted with this immense and revered honour.

This medal is said to be made from pieces of the burial shroud of the prophet, Saint Vladius Caormastus. It is believed that the blood that stains this medal is of the prophet and grants the wearer unquestionable virtue, strength, and wisdom. The gold and silver for this medal are supposedly from the luminous and ornate reliquary Saint Vladius Caormastus brought with him atop a mule while on pilgrimage. Many have claimed to see this medal glow during great battles against the heretic or when the celestial battle cry "Caelestis Gloriam!" is shouted by the Lightsworn. Whether its powers are real or not it is a link to the past and the very presence of this medal has inspired many to great feats of Faith and courage in battle.

This medal is awarded exclusively under the discretion of the Grandmaster in consultation with the Grand Priory. It is awarded for exceptional service over a long period without fault or flaw, unimaginable and almost legendary service to the order such as singlehandedly defeating a massive army or heretic of immensely greater strength, or a similar act that shows in all facets what it means to be a Caelestis Templare. Only those trusted in the utmost never to desert, mutiny, fall to heresy, while always being true to the teachings of the Light will be considered for this medal.