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Badge of Ęternal Dedication

This commendation is a hand-sewn patch that is worn directly on the tabard of the bearer. It is stark black and white, just as the same colours of the Holy Tabard.

Over the years of our persistence in defeating the Heretic in the Eternal War, there have been an elite cadre of men and women who've led soldiers into battle. These soldiers of the Light have always led from the front, and shown the members of the Order what it means to be a Templares.

It is a supreme act of commitment to be a leader of the Order, practicing the Virtues, serving as an example to others how to practice our tenets, and devoting one's life to the administration of the Order.

The commendation is given in recognition of their dedication to those who've served in such a capacity, by either serving on the Grand Priory of the Caelestis Templares, or being either the Primarch of the Malleus, or Exarch of the Inquisitores.

This commendation was concieved by Lord Commander Burns, the Destroyer. A debt of gratitude is owed to Acolyte Mielo Atherton, who informed the Lord Inquisitor that she was unable to discern who amongst the Immortals and Claesiarchs had been previous Grandmasters.
(( The art was also provided OOC by Mielo Atherton, but, it was crafted IC by her character. ))